I have never anticipated the coming of a New Moon the way I have this one in Pisces that is exact this morning at 9:34am PST. This healing, compassionate, and forgiveness-oriented lunation is the marker that completes a process that began in late November of 2021. Venus began triggering us back then, all the way till December 19th, when she turned around at 26’29” of Capricorn. She hits that same degree again exactly with this New Moon, and that is what puts a button on all this exploration, excavation, and profound healing we have been through over the last three months, with an emphasis on these last two lunar cycles that end today.

I recall the language I used to describe this process before it began, and I used all the right words. But I don’t think I counted on just how brutal it might be. And life will continue to move on after this New Moon, so if you are working with an ongoing narrative that is difficult, this lunation won’t bring you a magic fix. That said, you can trust with all your heart that you have been changed, radically altered from the inside out. We are all moving through a willingness to receive love, and more abundantly, than ever before. Mars is right there with Venus, helping us embody what has changed on our insides, so that we make completely different choices about love, intimacy, and vulnerability as we move forward and put this experience into the rear-view mirror.

The Pisces mansion is where we understand the collective, the unconscious, and the way we are all unified in some version of what I like to sometimes express as the idea that, “there is only one of us here.” We are all individualized expressions of this one unified consciousness that is the reflection of existence itself. Pisces knows this. In this mansion, we operate from forgiveness and compassion for others, because we know we are one with them. Can you imagine how different people’s behavior would be if we all moved through the world understanding that the hate we spew out there, is really poison that lands on us? Well, when each of us as individuals opens ourselves up more to love and compassion in this way, there will be a great enough expression of this universal love to start showing up in our outer landscape.

Healing the world one soul at a time is how this is working. And it all starts at the level of the metaphoric heart (Venus) beating inside of your chest. The last few months have been a process of scraping out blockages to love, and today we get to set intentions out of the much more expansive place of love and forgiveness that we are finding when we now look in the mirror. For example, when you get triggered by someone you are attached to not giving you what you desire, that trigger is far more likely – in your unconscious – to be about mommy and/or daddy, and wounds you have been carrying around since your very first days. Venus in her retrograde, and having spent so much time with Pluto, the planet of profound change and transformation, has brought us through some deep confrontations with how we all give and receive love. Throw in a second retrograde with Mercury, in the same sign, also hanging out for an extended stay with Pluto, and the mind got the same upgrade as the heart.

Then comes Mars. Mars entered Capricorn back in late January. When the planet of action, decision making, and embodiment caught up with Venus on February 14th, we began to be able to change our behaviors and make new choices based on the expanded access to vulnerability we have been working on. Mars and Venus are still together, only in this New Moon, they are both exactly Conjunct Pluto. This is epic, really. Pluto allows for change to happen down to the molecular level. Venus and Mars are personal planets, so every single person on Earth is being hit by this humongous transformative moment.

If this had been any other New Moon moment, such a gathering would indicate a brief but powerful opportunity to allow your heart and what it desires (Venus) to impact the decisions you make (Mars) as a result of strong feelings (again, Venus). Pluto adds elements of dramatic change and transformation, especially if you are moving through something a bit high stakes in the area of love relationships. But when you also consider how much time Venus (and Mercury) has spent with Pluto the Great Transformer, this moment is oh, so much more. Now put this into the power of a New Moon to set us off in a new direction, this gathering of Mars, Venus and Pluto is a powerhouse of change and integration. The fact that all three are Trining the North Node gives this New Moon a tremendous thrust of power to set intentions now that we will feel the impact for the rest of our lives. That is not hyperbole.

This moment is all about coming from a place where you understand in every fiber of your being that we are all one consciousness. And even though we travel different journeys in these bodies that keep us feeling that we are separate, we are not. The best posture we can live in to work with this dichotomy of individual consciousness on the one hand, but connected to a greater collective consciousness on the other (an invention of Pisces), is to be as fully integrated between masculine and feminine within us. Mars and Venus (with Pluto’s help) has transformed this in us, utterly. And from the inside out.

In any Pisces New Moon, we are setting intentions to bring more compassion, love and forgiveness into everything we do. And more than anything, remember this; everything you could possibly need to fulfil the desires you have is right inside of you. Pisces is where we fully understand that the field of infinite possibility out of which all form emanates, is us. Our bodies are the infinite field of possibility out of which all form arises. Mars, Venus and Pluto (and let’s not leave out Mercury and his retrograde because the mind has been part of this wild few months as well) are ensuring that we are embodied in a completely new way. Glance back to early November of last year, and compare to now, and nothing in your heart is the same. Now take this magnificent opening, and set your intentions from that beautiful place in your consciousness where we understand that truly, we are all One.