We move through the Sagittarius New Moon, which is exact this afternoon at 3:31pm PST, and we set intentions in the mansion of expansion, movement, abundance, and joy. The avatar of Sag is the archer, who is also a Centaur, horse below and human up top. But it is that drive to shoot those arrows everywhere that forms our understanding of the archetypal power of this sign. We want to try everything in this sign, but not randomly, for with Sagittarius, the urge is always toward growth and expansion. Scorpio taught us how to die to self and allow a rebirth. Sagittarius is that rebirth in action, and we are ready to explore.

The tightest geometry that is part of this setup is the inconjunct between the Sun and Moon with Uranus, the Great Awakener. This is my favorite geometry in astrology because it reflects how most change and growth happen, in small incremental shifts that allow us to move in new directions in the outer world because of inward changes. This lunar cycle could find many of us on very different paths, and quite suddenly. I usually focus on the intention setting aspect of the New Moon, but this is also a moment in our cyclical consciousness that new things just arrive. With the electrifying capacity of Uranus to change things in a split second, there may be some surprising new trajectories that this New Moon, and this last lunar cycle of the year may bring unexpectedly. Be flexible, and ready to pivot.

This notion of new things starting up is driven home by the Trine being held between the New Moon in Sagittarius, and the North Node in Aries. The Nodes are a collective point, and the North Node represents the future that we are creating as we move into it. The geometry is tight, with the New Moon being at 20-degrees Sag and the North Node at 23-degrees of Aries, a pretty exact Trine. Intentions we set easily flow into our future movement, and if this lunar cycle brings you anything unexpected, it is very likely to be a natural and organic change in direction, thought it may knock you on your ass first. It will be important to remain flexible, teachable, and movable in the lunar cycle ahead.

With all of this mutable fire capable of throwing is in all sorts of directions, it is important to acknowledge the blind spots in this lunation. The New Moon itself will Square Neptune, providing significant blocks to our sense of clarity. Neptune connects us to Spirit, but the hard geometry of the Square triggers Neptune’s shadow artifact of cloudiness and confusion. That confusion will be felt in our emotional body as well, because Venus herself is also touching Neptune with the agitated Sesqui-Square. This also creates a blind spot, but this is more about confused feelings being triggered. And of course, the big challenge built into this New Moon – and the lunar cycle ahead – is that Mercury turns around and goes retrograde just eight hours after the New Moon is exact.

While this is an awkward energy to add to the big wave of a New Moon, it has an archetypal value that is powerful. Intentions are set by Mercury, as this is the planet of thought, perception, and mind. A retrograde puts Mercury’s energy just below the surface of our unconscious, where all juicy manifestation begins. Mercury is in Capricorn, the sign of ambitions and goals, and the next mansion we will move through as we cross the threshold into next year. Things we intend now will marinate in the unconscious for a while as Mercury travels backward till January 1st. Yesterday, Mercury held a Sextile with Venus, so our minds and hearts are actually in complete congruency, and so intentions we set at this time have the benefit of this mind/heart alignment. Today, our feeling body has a little extra confusion to deal with (Venus Sesqui-Square Neptune), but the influence of the Merc/Venus Sextile is stronger.

And then Mercury will turn around. The New Moon is at 3:31pm, and Mercury goes retro at 11:09pm PST. I think there is something elegant about that, bumpiness aside, as we get excited and hopeful about leaving 2023 and stepping into the possibilities of a New Year ahead, our minds will go through a deep, unconscious process, helping us unconsciously release the year we are coming out of. And then on January 1st, Mercury will turn around and go direct, allowing us to begin the New Year with a fresh outlook. Shameless Plug: Join me on January 1st for my Astro-Overview 2024 on New Year’s Day (or of course watch the recording if you have other plans) CLICK HERE. This New Moon allows a lot of imagination, and the next New Moon in Capricorn puts us on the mountain of our desires and ambitions, with the focus to begin taking action in the direction of what we want next as we step into next year. The mind will be refreshed and ready to meet next year, but first we have to get through the next 22 days of Mercury’s retrograde.

Remember that Jupiter rules this New Moon, and the planet of abundance and expansion has only one wish for us, that we would have all that we desire, and then more of that. I also like to say that when you need a miracle, Uranus needs to be in the house, and this tight Inconjunct to Uranus does mean that we can find ourselves moving in a new direction in an instant, and so we want to trust the ways that we get nudged = or perhaps shoved – into new directions now, and for the entire lunar cycle ahead. If you avoid the pitfalls of uncertainty, or emotional confusion, and take into consideration that Mercury’s 21-day backward trek will trip us up a bit, we are well poised to prepare the ground for a powerful next year, and the intentions we will set in the New Moon in Capricorn as 2024 gets underway.