The New Moon in Scorpio is exact at 1:27am PST, and what a moment this is. The eclipse wormhole is officially over, and we put a button on it with what is probably the most powerful, disruptive, transformational, and energetically intense New Moon of this entire year. And as subject to hyperbole as I am, I stand by this declaration. Ruled by Pluto, the sign of Scorpio is where all change and transformation takes place, all the way down to the level of death and rebirth. The Sun and Moon are exactly Conjunct Mars, the planet of action and movement, who in the old days, was the ruler of Scorpio before Pluto was discovered. A New Moon in Scorpio Conjunct Mars is potentially activating because that’s what Mars does, he activates. And in Scorpio, he is operating powerfully. But it is the entire stelium, Moon, Sun, and Mars, in an exact Opposition with Uranus, the Great Awakener, that makes this Moon the powerhouse of sudden change that it is.

When I write these articles about the New Moon, I usually focus on the language of intention setting, as I like to empower people to use astrology as a tool for both contextualizing your energetic experience day to day, but also to align us all with the potential for planting new seeds of intention at the New Moon. But the New Moon, and the beginning of every lunar cycle, is also just the startup of new things, and this lunation has the potential to bring some radical shifts into new directions. If there is any sort of guiding mantra for this moment, it might be, expect the unexpected. We don’t usually talk about releases in the New Moon, that’s more what the Full Moon brings. But in Scorpio, we must be in consideration of all that needs to die in order to birth new things. The eclipse wormhole that is closing with this lunation was a South Node eclipse, where the focus was on releasing the past in order to move forward more powerfully. With Uranus participating so directly in this New Moon, some of you will find yourself in completely new territory before this lunar cycle is complete.

This wild and explosive Opposition is tempered by a tight Trine with Neptune, the planet we call the Great Spirit. Mars and Uranus are ensuring that things are changing, and potentially fast, and in a manner that, for some, could be quite destabilizing. It is our spiritual practice that will lift us up out of the cauldron of intensity, and allow us to connect with the sense of purpose behind any changes in direction that these few months may be bringing us through. Remember this for the rest of the lunar cycle, whenever you feel untethered or overwhelmed by sudden change, it is your spiritual connection that will carry you through the most difficult passages.

What would an article about a lunation be without my favorite angle in astrology, the 150-degree Inconjunct that I call the Great Eliminator? The New Moon and Mars are holding this geometry with the North Node of the Moon, indicating a moment where we can move in a new direction because of the healing that we’ve been through. The North Node is like our future, the north star that guides us into our next chapter. Chiron is also in Aries, and close enough to the North Node during the second half of this year to be dictating that the healing work we’ve been doing will absolutely show up as new directions because we can make higher choices that come from our healed spaces.

This New Moon allows us to move into the next lunar cycle, ready to operate in completely new ways, because we have removed another layer of our wounded consciousness. Venus in Libra is also holding the Great Eliminator angle with Jupiter in Taurus. Venus is at home in Libra, and after a 5-month retrograde in Leo, and then an eclipse lunar cycle where both the New Moon and Full Moon were ruled by Venus, her returning to Libra is allowing all of us to be currently in the most loving, open-hearted state that we are capable of at this moment in our journey. With her Inconjuncting Jupiter in Taurus, her other ruling sign, the planet of love (Venus) and the planet of abundance (Jupiter) are telling us a story with this New Moon and the lunar cycle ahead. Here it is: Allow the healing that we have been through to rise up in your heart at this time, and you can move in new directions that will allow for more abundance, prosperity, love, and intimacy. We can do this because we’ve put in the hard work to open the heart, and keep it open, even when the world is reflecting some pretty unloving stuff on the planet right now.

Eclipses always knock us for a loop, and while it is a boon to us that we are out of the wormhole, we are entering a lunar cycle where the opening act is like an explosion. Some of you may be exhausted with the never-ending litany of difficult circumstances we are all being asked to navigate, like brewing war and a political landscape in the United States that seems to threaten the future of the whole world. This may be one of those pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again moments, and I encourage you, if that feels like it is describing your narrative, put that spirit into the intentions you set at this time. Trust that the potential for new possibilities is ripe for us all, and use that expanded spiritual connection to tap into flow, and a greater sense of guidance that comes from higher realms. This New Moon reminds me of the old adage, be the change you want to see in this world. Have at it!