The New Moon in Scorpio hits this evening at 9:06pm PST, so for those of you in Europe and Africa, this takes place in your early Sunday, late Sunday for my readers down under. The Scorpio mansion is where we understand change and transformation, as Scorpio added death to our archetypal experience. Nothing new can be generated without sacrifice; I am fond of saying, we must die to self over and over again in life, and the more we surrender to change in this way, the more powerfully we are able to grow, expand, and create magnificent lives.

This New Moon is ruled by Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, whose movement this year has been reflecting so much death of the old ways. Birthing this new world amidst all of this chaos is a daunting task, and yet here we are at the beginning of the lunar cycle designed to help us understand transformation at a very deep level. This is where we set our intentions that allow for our individual selves to change to match what the newly forming outside world is demanding of us right now. This New Moon has a bit of a blessing for us, but only those on a spiritual path are likely to be able to tap into what is possible. The Sun and Moon gather in a Trine to Neptune, the Great Spirit. The impact of this is that intentions set at this time can be dialed directly into our connection with the Divine. And, as we have deepened our spiritual practice this year, this is our moment to increase our ability to connect to Source in order to create the lives we desire.

Horizontal living is where we look out at the world and see it, and others, as separate from us. Neptune is how we understand vertical living; that there is only one of us here, one great collective consciousness with almost 7 billion facets. When we truly know this, we can thrive under any amount of change. This New Moon is the perfect one to set intentions that align you with the grace that comes when we know that God is the source and substance of all our supply. Rely on the practical world for that, and you will be not only disappointed, but in this challenging year, you may be pummeled by trying to meet life on life’s terms, as those terms have gotten tremendously intensified. Dial into your connection to Spirit, and there is nothing you can’t face, heal, and transform.

One of the side bar experiences in this New Moon is an over-the-top setup between Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus across the sky in Taurus. Pent up feelings are ready to explode into verbal confrontations as a reflection of this transit. Mars has been backward for the past two months or so, keeping some of the anger in the atmosphere held at bay, even if it seems like that is not so. Trust me, with Mars having turned around yesterday, the coming weeks will be bringing up a lot of previously contained aggression. This dynamic tension between our mind (Mercury) and the outrageous wild card energy of anything-can-happen-and-probably-will (Uranus), may yield a tremendous amount of surprising twists and turns in our communication both as we move through this weekend, but also the entire lunar cycle ahead.

There is a Finger of God/Finger of Fate being generated by the New Moon. This long, narrow triangle is a particular pattern that three planets can create which indicates a moment of navigation, where small choices we make under its influence can pick up the winds of fate in the sails of our ship. The direction end of this shape is the North Node of the Moon, that point that represents the collective consciousness, and the future itself that we are moving toward. Because the North Node is leading the way, intentions we set now have a significant thrust built into them. The blunt end of this shape is what gives it it’s power. On the one side is all of the change and transformation led by Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn. The other side is, you guessed it, the Sun and Moon at the beginning of their beautiful monthly dance, and the intentions you set at this time.

The 150-degree angle known as the Great Eliminator is like exiting the freeway. When you first turn off, the difference between the freeway you were on and the exit ramp might seem like an exceedingly small adjustment. But consider where you will be after driving hundreds of miles. The small choice now leads to completely different territory later. A Finger of God puts two of these Inconjuncts together, which is how the power of divine intervention gets added into the choices we focus on.

The world is upside down at the moment, and we are in a profound passage where the future can seem frightening because of so much unknown, and the tremendous polarization and enmity rising up around every corner. Scorpio tells us to go deep inside the bowels of our unconscious, dwell in the realm of the shadow, and not shrink back from the darker elements of our nature. This is no time for the spiritual bypass of love and light, but a moment to reach into the very basement of your psyche to find the gravitas that matches the life you are creating for yourself right now. New Moon are a bit of a monthly resurrection, but this one is practically literal; we have indeed died to self this year. This is the New Moon where we are reborn.