This is a doozy of a New Moon; it hits today at 2:14pm PDT. We are not yet in eclipse season, that hits with the next lunation. So, this is just a regular sort of New Moon, but it happens to be taking place in an exact Opposition to Uranus, the Great Awakener. And I mean, exact, as both the Sun and the Moon in Scorpio are at 12-degrees, and Uranus is at 12-degrees of Taurus. This Opposition is exact to 7/40ths of a degree, a perfect straight line, straighter than you could draw without tools to assist you. Astrology is all about geometry, and precision counts, as an angle builds to the moment of peak, and then immediately begins to wane. This explosive and dynamic sensation makes this New Moon profoundly unstable, but potentially very exciting, as under this influence, anything can happen and probably will.

This New Moon is like any other for setting intentions, but November and December are months of intensifying energy as we enter eclipse season, the final Square between Saturn and Uranus (unstable change), and the beginning of another Venus retrograde. The next two lunar cycles are going to be off the chain, and this New Moon that kicks things off is like the pistol shot the starts any great race. Some of you may just feel this energy as an added nervous restlessness as we finish this week. But for some, there may be some surprises or reversals, so don’t grab onto anything with too tight a grip right now. This is a moment of new things rising up out of nowhere, but also one of things disappearing in a shot, so flexibility is the way to go for the next few days.

Scorpio (and its ruler Pluto) invented the underworld, where we keep things hidden, and all the things we wish weren’t true about ourselves keep us stuck in our unconscious. Uranus activates our sense of higher truth. We must dive into the shadow in order to have a more integrated experience of ourselves, and this New Moon is all about that. All New Moons have this recipe; our conscious awareness (Sun) and our unconscious (Moon) come together, and we set conscious intentions deep into unconscious spaces, like planting seeds in very fertile, wet, soil.

Uranus is capable of bringing about instant and miraculous changes and shifts in direction, so the intentions we set at this time have some true forward-reaching power. Be clean and clear with how you define what you desire right now, because you don’t want to be sloppy, casual, or unconscious with your thoughts when the lighting rod of Uranus is in the room. Scorpio is about transformation for sure, and that is the go-to quality of this archetype. However, Scorpio also rules our shared resources, how we collaborate with others, how we relate to the mystery of life itself, our relationship with the shadow, and how we meet change on the road to happy destiny.

There is something happening cosmically over the next few months that is going to impact us all when the Nodes of the Moon change signs in early January, and if you have been reading every day, you know I have been talking more and more about the Nodes, because in order to understand what 2022 is going to be like, you need to have a sense of how the Nodes guide the collective. The North Node is our north star and our future, and the South Node is the past that we must move away from. When the North Node moves into Taurus, the South Node will be in Scorpio.

For the next few years, we must move forward toward love (North Node in Venus-ruled Taurus), or be stuck in the past, toward death (South Node in Pluto-ruled Scorpio). This New Moon is perfectly designed for all of us to turn within, dig deep, and set ourselves up for success by setting the intention to allow for the courage it will take to continue to allow the constant death/rebirth cycles we must go through as human beings in order to grow, expand, and become more authentic and sovereign. This New Moon is a bit like the beginning of the trek into the new world that we are creating, now that the old world has truly begun to deconstruct itself.

There is a question I get asked in public digital spaces more than any other question, and it is some iteration of, “When is all this intensity going to end?” And of course, the answer is, it is not. Not ever. This is a bit of a cliff moment, where the New Moon is asking you to jump. The fearful part of you will keep you tethered to the past, but as you can see from the Nodes changing signs next year, to stay stuck in the past is to move toward death. To dive off into the abyss at this moment, trusting that you already know how to die to self and be reborn again just by virtue of going to sleep every night (death), only to wake up in the morning to start again (rebirth). Scorpio invented this, and because of this addition of death, we get to have life. Keep that profound idea in mind when you set intentions at this time. Have at it!