The New Moon hits tonight at 7:25pm PDT at 3-degrees of Taurus. We start this next lunar cycle off with the theme that has been following us for the last week or so; huge bursts of energy on the one hand, and the brakes slammed on with the other. This New Moon has the Sun, Moon, and Uranus all in alignment, so the power of the Great Awakener and his flash of lightning is built directly into this intention setting moment. At the same time, this lunation is in a Square with Saturn, so movement grinds to a halt, the lessons are everywhere we turn, and we will once again have to navigate a moment where the energetic thrust is mighty, but the need to stay put and sit in some discomfort is primary.

Taurus is the mansion of form, and the appreciation of all of the beauty of life in a body. This is the first mansion ruled by Venus, and so is also the first archetype in the evolution of the zodiac where we find love. We set intentions at this moment in our solar year seeking to bring together that polarity of Taurus and Scorpio (the Full Moon of the Taurus mansion is Scorpio). Taurus is all about our wants and desires, and Scorpio generates the change and transformation necessary to take those ideas, and turn them into form.

In the lowest vibration of this archetype, we are in consideration of money, luxury, and the finer things in life. But the true essence of Taurus is the love of form, and the bounty of embodiment. This is another powerful thread to remind ourselves of right now. Our material needs are always taken care of, even when it appears otherwise. Forms change, of course, but basic needs will come to us in the future just as they always have been in the past. This trust is important in unstable times, and if this rings especially true for you, then you would benefit by adding a bit of freedom from the fear of financial security as one of your intentions during this lunar cycle. Taurus is where we realized that all our needs get met.

Speaking of instability, because this New Moon is only a few degrees away from Uranus, this lunation has about the biggest jolt of added energy available in our system. Uranus is a powerful manifestation energy, and he almost always brings an element of surprise. Therefore, it is important that you be very clear with the intentions you set right now. This added thread is capable of creating the most surprising results, and certainly these days we never know what is coming next. That said, we are far more resilient than we often know, and this New Moon has the capability of reaching deep into our individual and collective psyche to install a bit of ballast that will allow us to become more flexible with the winds of change.

Be like reeds that bow deeply when the storm rages. They bend quite far, but do not break, and that is who and what we are in times of adversity, though we don’t often know this in our hearts. If ever there were a New Moon that combines the grounded desire for love and more of that (Taurus) along with the notion that life is unstable and we are up to the challenge (Uranus), it is this one. Trust this, and open your heart more, even if it feels vulnerable to do so. We will bend, but surely we will not break.

A lovely thread that is in the background of the energy this past few days is the loose Trine between Mars and Venus. We currently have a good balance between masculine and feminine; doing and being are friends in this lunation. That said, the entire pattern that is playing out right now holds a Square with Saturn. So, while this New Moon has a tremendous trajectory of forward movement and this background of harmony between being and doing, the conflictual energy with the Lord of Kharma has us all planted firmly in our schoolroom seats. Class is in session, and the Great Teacher is taking us to task. Remember Saturn is in Aquarius for a few months. He will be traveling back and forth between the first degrees of this sign and the last degrees of Capricorn this year. In Aquarius, he is demanding that we focus outwards on the needs of the community.

There is another contradiction in this. This New Moon is deeply personal, and Taurus connects us to our individual wants and needs. The wants and needs of the collective, however, are rising up in an undeniable way, and we must meet the demands of the time. It’s easy to see what the collective lesson is; healing polarity. Your New Moon intentions won’t be worth anything if you impress into them your current fears and resentments. The polarities we see outside of us only exist out there because of the polarities within each of us. Saturn will make sure that if there is a conflict raging inside of you right now, the lesson around it will be unavoidable.

Taurus is an earth sign and is the sign that rules the throat, so if you want to ritualize this New Moon properly, there had better be some sound involved. Personally, I can assure you there will be drumming, as this grounded sign responds to all vibration, not just those that we make with the voice. The exact moment of the Moon and the Sun coming together is 7:25pm PDT, so we are in what is known as the Dark-of-the-Moon all day. The most fertile time in any New Moon is the hours leading up to it. If ever there were a moment to do some celebrating, this would be it. And since Taurus is all about love, how about dropping in for your own personal, intention setting ceremony, and then throw a big wave of love to the planet as a whole; she needs all the help we can offer right now.