The New Moon in Taurus hits at 8:53am PDT this morning, and we officially put the eclipse wormhole behind us. We are setting intentions in the mansion that invented the Earth herself, and all the joys that come from being in the land of form. Taurus is often thought of as the “money” sign, and it is, but really that’s just one artifact of what this mansion brings to our consciousness. In the Void (Pisces), one energy dives in, and springs out on the other side declaring, I Am! After Aries sparks up consciousness itself, the very next level of our development requires an archetype that can answer the question, where am I? If consciousness is (Aries), then the world of form is where we play the game out (Taurus). Taurus invented that world of form, and so also all the joys and sensual pleasures of being here. Ruled by Venus, this is the land where we first understand that value of knowing what our hearts desire is, and then moving into the world to cultivate a life filled with those desires manifest into form.

There are two very distinct energies in this New Moon. There is a beautiful sense of flow, intuitive guidance, and connection to Spirit available as the Sun is connecting with Neptune in a productive and creative Sextile. This puts our conscious awareness in easy openness with all of the support that comes when we feel dialed in, and at one with the Universe. Mars, the planet of action and embodiment, is Trining Neptune from the final degree of Cancer, so as this lunation hits, our very bodies are as connected to the flow as our conscious awareness is able to perceive.

Even Mercury is participating in this lunation in a positive way. He is also in Taurus, exploring how we perceive our heart’s desires, but he just went direct four days ago, so there is new awareness in our perception of life’s capacity to bring us those desires. Saturn has recently entered Pisces, putting us on notice that the unconscious and our spiritual connection, both inventions of Pisces, are where our greatest lessons are to be learned. A Trine between Mercury and Saturn helps direct our intentions in a grounded and steady manner, supported by our ongoing cultivation of our spiritual connection. In a moment where it counts, our minds, perceptions, and communication is operating at a slow and steady pace.

Sounds beautiful, yes? But that’s not all, I’m afraid. We are indeed riding a tremendous wave of flow, but we are also flowing right into the brick wall of a Fixed Grand Cross. Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) are the signs that offer solidity and foundation. Cardinal signs start things up and embody initiation (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn). Mutable signs are where we understand flexibility and change (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Fixed signs are important for structure, but when we find ourselves where four (or more) planets or points are holding the conflict/obstacle geometry of the 90-degree Square in all four of the fixed signs, then we find ourselves trying to move and accomplish things in an energy mix that is utterly inflexible, and offers very little movement.

Jupiter just moved into the fixed sign of Taurus, offering a stable sense of possibility to manifest all desires in that yummy Taurus way. But the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto, has just moved into the fixed sign of Aquarius, and the Square between these two says we are ready and deserving of more (Jupiter in Taurus), but there may be big changes needed in order for us to receive all the good that is possible (Pluto in Aquarius). Mars may be Trining Neptune from the last degree of Cancer today, but tomorrow he moves into Leo, another of the Fixed signs. Mars in an Opposition to Pluto is power struggles on steroids, and a Square from Mars to Jupiter means the way forward may be blocked, and this New Moon may also be presenting some of us with the challenges that must be met before the cash and prizes are delivered.

The setup is that the Taurus sensibility is leading us powerfully toward our desires, but Pluto says more has to die to be reborn. Mars in Leo starting tomorrow will be ready to move, but will be showing us over the next week all sorts of potential obstacles to those desires. The Nodes are part of this Grand Cross, and Mars in Leo will Square the South Node bringing conflicts in releasing the past. But he also Squares the North Node, so we have equal conflicts with moving forward. He will also Oppose Pluto, bringing power struggles that we take on with gusto, and the Square to Jupiter can make everything we move through feel a bit over the top.

The eclipses in Taurus combined with the Mercury retrograde in the same sign, has made the past four or five weeks like an excavation into the Taurus consciousness of us all. If you know what house in your natal chart is ruled by Taurus, you can focus your attention where the action is directly taking place. Those deep processes helped us dig down below the surface of our consciousness. Mercury retrograde in Taurus facilities an upgrade to our ability to perceive our lives through the lens of love. Eclipses in Taurus help us transform our unconscious to be more ready and receptive to receiving our good. And now, the Moon and the Sun coming together in Taurus allows us to plant the seeds of our heart’s desires into soil that is well tilled and ready to receive the deepest impressions of those intentions. And though we may face obstacles to those desires immediately out of the gate, trust that this Fixed Grand Cross is operating for our benefit. Know your worth, trust your desires, and tell the horizon to bring whatever has to come up to make manifest all that your heart wants to create. And as I like to say, have at it.