The New Moon in Taurus is exact at 8:21pm PDT, so it is building all day long. This is an important New Moon because it signals that we are in a new lunar cycle, and that eclipse season has finally come to a close. The last two lunar cycles both had eclipses in them, and Mercury’s simultaneous retrograde in Aries has taken us through quite a wild ride of change, transformation, and healing. And while Mercury is not quite out of his third act wrap up of his cycle, we get to set intentions in the Taurus mansion with as clear a sense of our purpose as we have perhaps ever had.

Taurus is the cash and prizes mansion, where the rewards of life are lifted up. Being in a body is hard work, but in Taurus we are rewarded for our service. This is where we understand money, sensuality, love of the earth, and all the pleasures of the world of form. Aries may be where we get fired up into the new directions we want to move in, but it is in Taurus where we begin to build things that last. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and so love leads in this mansion. Through love, we learn to serve others, and when we live a life of service, we are richly rewarded. After a few months of radical healing, we should be ready to set intentions for what we desire most, but from a place of greater healing, and a stronger sense of how we are to serve others, and then we allow the rewards to flow to us.

Let’s examine the backdrop to this lunation with Mercury, because he is Conjunct Chiron in this New Moon, which was the only triple transit of Mercury’s current retrograde cycle. This wrap-up transit peaked yesterday, after the planet of the mind and the planet of our healing process came together on March 20th, April 15th, and then again now. There may be some connections to what we are contemplating now based on things we moved through according to those dates, so glance back and see if there is anything important that follows those dates. We set intentions with Mercury, and we are working with a clearer mind, with a more authentic connection to what we truly desire, and the freedom needed to create new possibilities.

Jupiter and Uranus are still hanging out pretty close to each other in Taurus, close enough to still be what is considered Conjunct, and close enough to the New Moon to be participating directly in it. Jupiter brings all the abundance, prosperity and expansion, and Uranus adds the wild card, and the revolutionary change needed to create things that are new and unique. I like to say if you need a miracle, you want Uranus in the house, and understand that this entire lunar cycle may include some radical new directions, some that come out of the blue. Taurus prefers grounded stability, but the presence of Uranus in this New Moon allows us to take some risks, and try new things.

There is a stabilizing ballast in this New Moon, as the 18-degree Taurus lunation is in an exact Sextile with Saturn in Pisces. Jupiter and Uranus together could have us moving too impulsively, but this productive geometry with Saturn allows us to slow our roll, and use principles like discipline, responsibility, sobriety, and focus, to set powerful intentions, and then follow up with the slow and steady attention our new desires may require of us. The eclipse season was so rocky partly because of all that Aries fire. Now we move into very different territory where the energy of Taurus slows us down to a pace where we know our hearts more deeply. This presence of Saturn will allow us to tap into the discipline and sense of responsibility needed to truly build something that will last.

Now, remember that you can’t create something that isn’t yours to have, that you don’t have the talent or capacity to generate, or something that you deeply desire, but unconsciously do not feel worthy of receiving. I want you to keep all this in mind, but still go crazy with the intentions you set now. Ask for forgiveness tomorrow rather than permission today is another notion that I am reminded of. Go big with your intentions, understanding that Saturn will keep your desires in check, and it is better to overshoot your shot and be corrected, than not taking the risk in the first place.

Taurus is where we invented our values and self-esteem, and we are all in a much more deserving place than how we started this year out. If you know the house in your natal chart ruled by Taurus, you can focus on that area of your life for where the greatest expansion is likely to be. Trust the healings that have taken place, and set intentions from the deepest desires of your heart, and have at it!