The most healing New Moon of the year is upon us, for today at 5:51pm PDT, the Sun and Moon gather for their monthly meeting in the sign of Virgo. Ruled by Mercury, but also by Chiron the Great Healer, this New Moon is when we put all of the pieces back together. Virgo is where we get organized, understand all the moving parts necessary to create what we desire, and of course, where we dial into health, wellness, and all the ways it is important to honor the needs of the body. When I teach about the signs, I start with the “I Am” that Aries offers us, and as we move through the first six zodiacal mansions, we evolve the human consciousness bit by bit till we get to Virgo. Virgo is the archetype that takes all the offerings of the signs that come before and says, I will create a body through which you will experience all of that.

When we step onto the spiritual path, the primary definition of being on that path is using tools to help us to stay fully present, in the now moment. The mind will consistently and relentlessly pull us mentally into yesterday and tomorrow, but the body exists only in the present. This is what fascinates me about the Virgo mansion. The Chiron rulership is all about healing our relationship with our embodiment challenges so that we might live more in the flow (which again, only happens with/through the body). The Mercury rulership portion of the Virgo mansion offers the discipline needed to control the one thing – the only thing – that you can actually have a direct impact upon: What and how you are thinking.

There has been a tremendous amount of personal planet traffic in the days that have led up to this New Moon, and while they have been uncomfortable, they may have led to insights and bits of awareness of some unconscious material that may have risen up, needing your attention. An Opposition from Mars to Neptune may have revealed some underlying resentments or hidden motivations, and a Square from Venus to Pluto kicked up some potentially big conflicts around love, intimacy, and your relationships to finances and money. Use material from this past week or so to inspire you to focus your intention setting on exactly what needs the most attention at this time. Your feelings may be hurt by the actions and choices of others, but we choose how we perceive these moments.

We are in charge of whether we allow resentments to stay and fester, or whether we are ready to move on, and allow our thoughts to turn away from that which we wish weren’t so, and in the direction of what we would create if we believed in ourselves fully, without shame and the wounds of unworthiness. With both Mars and this New Moon Opposing Neptune we know two things. One is that our spiritual connection is driving everything we are experience right now. But the other thing is that when Neptune is triggered with hard geometry such as an Opposition, his shadow artifact of foggy conditions is amplified. We don’t have clarity at our disposal in his New Moon in the sign that practically invented clarity, but we have the natural connection to Pisces that fosters the faith we need when we aren’t intellectually certain of what we must attend to next.

There is a profound manifestation setup with this New Moon courtesy of a Trine between the Sun/Moon and Uranus the Great Awakener. That Trine is exact, and for this astrologer, the precision of this is important; it brings the power of Uranus to change things on a dime into whatever intentions we set at this moment. Mars is close enough to the Full Moon to be part of the geometry of the moment, and the planet of action is in an exact Trine with Pluto. Putting them together, and we have a Grand Earth Trine forming between the New Moon with the planet of Action Mars on one side, Uranus the planet that says anything is possible, and then Pluto offers the depth, gravitas, and power needed to allow any old structures to fall so that new ones can be built. What we focus on right now, especially with regard to setting intentions to create something new, has a tremendous potential to manifest into form down the line.

We begin again in every New Moon, and this fresh start has tremendous capacity to initiate just about any radical change you can imagine. Virgo understands the how-to of change and transformation possibly better than any other sign of the zodiac. Scorpion invented change, but Virgo gives us the blueprints and operating instructions to make it happen. I am so often asked when presenting someone with the idea of healing deeply held wounds and places of unforgiveness; “but how do I do that?” We may often feel that we don’t know how to approach our own healing, but there is a part of us – of each of us – that does understand how to heal. Virgo in astrology represents this inborn capacity we all have to take all of our wounded spaces, reclaim what was lost, and integrate what we retrieve into our ever-expanding sense of integrated Self. Remember that as you set your intentions in today’s powerful New Moon, and then allow the healing to continue.