Today and tomorrow is all eclipse, all the time. The moment of the Full Moon in Libra that is also a partial lunar eclipse, is tonight exactly at midnight PDT, so calendar day tomorrow for all of you points east. We have been in amplified eclipse energy since the New Moon that kicked this lunar cycle off, but here is the thing itself. We wake up inside of the Virgo Moon, but she will Oppose Mercury at 8:48am PDT, and drop into a 5-hour Void, so understand the day may have a sluggish start with the Moon in a kind of behind-the-scenes posture. Once the Moon changes signs and moves into Libra at 1:37pm PDT, we are in the Full Moon, the peak of which is midnight PDT, making today and tomorrow a full, 2-day eclipse whopper.

I always clear Full Moons on my calendar as I usually need to stay in some bit of devotional space in all Full Moons. But for this one, you can be sure I cleared both today and tomorrow. We are moving through a rather epic moment of release in this Full Moon, preparing us for a tremendous shot forward with the New Moon in Aries (a total solar eclipse) in 2 weeks. This is a North Node eclipse, which means it’s all about moving forward toward the future we are creating. But the first of the two eclipses is a Full Moon, so this moment is about letting go of things from the past that would inhibit us from a more powerful trajectory forward. What we release now helps us move forward more powerfully with the eclipse in two weeks.

This is a relationship oriented Full Moon, as the Aries/Libra polarity is all about Self and Other. Libra falls into what we call the Southern Hemisphere, what would be the top of the zodiacal wheel. The first six signs are about us in bodies, interacting with our immediate environment. Libra is the first sign where the consciousness of the human organism begins to look out, and connect with the world at large. Libra tells us that experience is a mirror. Everything you encounter is a direct reflection of your perceptions of it. Personal relationships are, of course, the primary way we play this out, and so the Libra Full Moon is certainly going to be about our relationships. But it’s also about all the ways we are always in relationship with the World as our Beloved.

Venus and Saturn are Conjunct in Pisces, and since Venus rules this eclipse, what she herself is up to counts a little extra. Because she is so close to the Great Teacher, there are lessons around how we each give and receive love that may be driving the things that are being released at this time. Saturn likes to reward for a job well done, so the hard work of the recent past will pay off high dividends this eclipse season. The geometry between Venus and Saturn the Moon is the 150-degree Inconjunct I call the Great Eliminator angle. Truly, we are releasing unconscious material that inhibits us from being better givers and receivers of love. It’s almost like psychic surgery, where the past six months of inner work at the personal level have prepared us all for the transformative powers of this eclipse season.

The Moon is Trine Pluto, the planet through which we understand death, and of course the rebirth that all death’s are followed by. Truly, the watchword of this eclipse season is surrender, because nothing can stop the changes that are brewing up from the unconscious during eclipse season. Consider what Libra quality keeps you from stepping into your own ability to fire things up. For some, it might be people pleasing or codependency. Aries allows us to be angry, and Libra can be so uncomfortable with such feelings, that peace keeping impulses become problematic. Aries wants action, but Libra will use passivity as a defense against the potential of failure.

Right relationships require a delicate organizing between of self and other, and this eclipse taps into however that paradigm is out of balance, and will bring the change and transformation needed to bring more balance into existence. And in Libra, relationships are not just our romances, but all connections self to other. And the most important of those relationships is the one you have with yourself. Self-love is key, and this Full Moon works for the selfish one who needs to be more aware of the needs of others, but also for the one who needs to stop doing things that others want, and focus on your own impulses as key.

Certainly, all of our relationships are in better alignment with the primary one is in good working order. We are all in partnership with the Divine in this life, and the best way to experience this vibrantly is to look in the mirror. Literally. I encourage you all to do this as part of your eclipse ritual this weekend. Go to the mirror, gaze into your own eyes, tell yourself, “I love you,” and stay there till you feel yourself say it back. Anything shy of melting with love at your own gaze reflects the work you need to do to release the limits in your heart over the next two weeks. Have at it!