We are being thrown into the deep end of the pool with the New Moon in Scorpio that is also a partial solar eclipse at 3:48am PDT. This lunar cycle is going to be transformative, and quite possibly the most intense and challenging time of 2022. The Scorpio mansion is ruled by Pluto, and so we are in consideration of the death/rebirth paradigm, where the process of change and growth demands total surrender. But at the heart of it, it is the movement of Venus that is the most interesting to me, because she has been wildly active this year, and she is exactly Conjunct the Sun and Moon at 2-degrees of Scorpio. This lunation may be ruled by Pluto, but Venus is really the one in charge, so get ready to have your heart ripped open, so that a profound healing might take place, or continue really, since we have been in so much heart healing all year long.

Venus was retrograde at the beginning of the year, and as part of that cycle, she and Pluto hung out for two weeks in the last half of December. That was a rare and powerful Conjunction, made possible by Venus’s slow pace because of her retrograde motion. Since then, she has been bringing the transformative power of that congress with the Lord of the Underworld with her all year. We have been diving into wounded spaces and generating tremendous amount of healing in the heart. My daily posts and #redrobeastrology videos have been obsessed with Venus and the powerful way she has been opening our hearts to unprecedented levels, especially over the last two months, and it’s having a sort of peak with this lunar cycle.

With all this focus on the giving and receiving of love, it may sound like I am only talking about romantic relationships. Venus includes that form of shared love, but as the arbiter of our emotional body, Venus is in play with anything that has to do with our feelings, intimate and vulnerable connections with others, but also with ourselves. Venus in Scorpio has an interesting job to do in the realm of shadow work, especially as it relates to the darker feelings that most people are busy attempting to suppress. If we move about the world detached from the difficult emotions that rumble below the surface, they will be projected out onto others, and you will find yourself in conflict and breakdown because you are not owning these emotional patterns. Healing such disconnects can also be part of what is possible in this lunar cycle. Venus also reflects our relationship with money, and so fears of financial insecurity may be on the chopping block right now as well.

Eclipses are lunations, and this is just like any other, and we set intentions as we would in any New Moon. It is the breaking of the relentless beam of light that turns a regular lunation into a radical transformative event that is an eclipse. All intentions start with the mind, and the Grand Air Trine between Mercury, Saturn, and Mars is a powerful part of the current set up. Mercury will carry our intentions and easily align them with Saturn, who keeps us right sized and ensures that we are drawing within the lines in a manner that is helpful and appropriate. Mars is the third corner of this triangle, and so intentions we set can be funneled directly into our ability to change behaviors, and make new choices that align our behaviors that match the intentions we set now. Mercury is free and clear of any retrograde, but Mars is standing completely still at 25-degrees of Gemini, and in just five days, he will turn around and move backward till mid-January. Intentions we set now may take a few months to play out, so be prepared for some delays, and some twists in the road over the next five months.

The Nodes of the Moon, and the signs they are traveling through, quite literally generate the eclipses. We are in the Nodal axis of Taurus/Scorpio, where the North Node and the future we are moving into is driven by love, as Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus. The South Node, and the past we are moving away from, is ruled by Scorpio, where all change and transformation takes place. This is a South Node eclipse, where we focus on moving away from the past. This is where we clean up things like manipulation, jealousy, and obsession, and all the ways darker emotions can interfere with our ability to maintain clean connections with others. Remember that anything that inhibits the flow of love is a wound, and Chiron the Great Healer is a very big player in today’s eclipse.

My daily subscribers also know all about Chiron holding the Great Eliminator angle with the South Node of the Moon in Scorpio. The South Node holds all the stuff we are waiting to let go of, and Chiron generates the healing that allows the release. This has been in place since late August and will be held till the very end of the year, and all these months have this healing tool right at our disposal. Some of you have been working on deeply held patterns around love and intimacy that no longer serve you, and the months between late August and March of 2023 will see monumental shifts in your experience of love, intimacy, relationship, and freedom from fears of economic insecurity.
As we allow things to die, the capacity for rebirth is epic, if you don’t bypass the shadow work, and are willing to dive into the deepest recesses of your psyche as this lunar cycle will demand. Feelings will be very intense, and the circumstances generated by this lunar cycle could be quite daunting. But please remember how healing works; you cannot heal a wound unless it is retriggered, and when we allow that in a sacred way, feel the old feels, breathe some love into those wounded spaces, the healing occurs. If you want some support for the shadow work that this lunar cycle is primed for, you might want to take my upcoming class, Diving into the Shadow (CLICK HERE) that starts Saturday, well timed for this lunar cycle. Meanwhile, set powerful intentions for deep change and transformation of how you live in your heart, prepare yourself for a bit of a personal experience of death. Then allow the rebirth to thrust you into new territory with a much more open your heart, even when that seems vulnerable. The cliff may seem treacherous. Jump off it anyway, and have at it.