At 10:54 am PDT, the Libra Moon will pass in front of the Sun, forming an annular solar eclipse, and we are off into the wormhole of eclipse season. Solar eclipses are just like any other New Moon, and so it’s all about setting intentions in the Libra mansion. That it is an eclipse makes the moment fated, transformative, and powerful enough to completely change the direction many of us are moving in. Eclipses occur when the Earth and Sun are in alignment with one of the Nodes of the Moon. The Nodes themselves are vectors of energy that shoot off the crossing path of the Moon’s orbit as it connects with, and moves around, the Earth’s orbit. When the angles in the solar system are just right, the Moon passes in front of the Sun, and blocks our view of it.

This is an annular eclipse, which means the Moon is hitting the Sun at an angle, not head on. Rather than blocking the entire Sun from our view, it will appear in the middle of the Sun, creating a ring of fire around it for those to whom it is visible. This is a South Node eclipse, because the Libra Sun is hanging out near the South Node, and as I have indicated, that is what generates the eclipse in the first place. Because the South Node is the point that holds our past, this entire lunar cycle is going to be more about karmic endings, rather than about new beginnings. No matter what occurs, you can consider the events of the rest of the month to be fated, and potentially transformative. And because Libra is one of the mansions ruled by Venus, this wormhole is going to be all about love, relationships, and dealing with consciousness as an outer reflection of your inner landscape.

Venus is all over this second half of 2023. We are just coming out of a four-month retrograde cycle in Leo, where she helped us shed inhibitions, process old emotional patterns, and come into a more deserving landscape in terms of our ability to give and receive love. Now, she has moved into Virgo, the mansion of healing and restoration, and in this lunation, she is close enough to Black Moon Lilith to allow us to be comfortable with some depth and passion, and ready to dip into some shadow material, where shame can hold us back. An Opposition between Venus and BML in Virgo with Saturn in Pisces means we must bring all our recently acquired wisdom to the table this month. Venus and Saturn participating in this eclipse indicates that if there are still lessons to be learned about love, intimacy, relationships, finances, etc., this eclipse wormhole will be taking us all back to school, if we need it.

Mercury is in Libra, just 5-degrees away from the Sun and Moon, so he is directly participating in this lunation, helping us set clear intentions. Mercury is also forming an exact Opposition with Chiron, the Great Healer. Oppositions force two things to interact with each other, and in this case, it is our perception (Mercury) and our wounded spaces (Chiron). If you somehow managed to avoid any deep wounds that have needed your attention over the past months, there is no shrinking back now. Venus Opposing Saturn and Mercury Opposing Chiron are undeniable confrontational setups for both mind and heart to be fully engaged in lessons to be learned, and healings to be moved through. This eclipse season has a capacity to generate karmic and fated endings, most notably due to the fact that the Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all Trining Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. These two Oppositions will combine with the Square to the planet of death and rebirth (Pluto), and nothing will be the same when this eclipse season is complete.

That may sound a bit intense and potentially overwhelming, but we are being guided by forces much greater than ourselves. There is something profoundly powerful built into this eclipse season because of how this lunation is interacting with both Neptune and Uranus. Neptune connects us to Spirit, and through Uranus, we wake up to higher levels of consciousness. These two planets are holding a loose Sextile, and this 60-degree angle is the geometry of productivity and efficiency. Spirit and Awakening are working well together, and this New Moon is on the other side of the solar system, hitting each of them in the 150-degree Great Eliminator angle.

This forms a long, narrow triangle that is also known as a Finger of God (or a Finger of Fate if you don’t like the G word). What this means for us is that the intentions we set and the new beginnings that are generated by this New Moon have the power move us in completely new directions, guided by Spirit and driven by an awakened consciousness. This pattern in the eclipse indicates that this is a redirection moment. If indeed you move through something that feels like a bitter ending, trust that you are being pointed in a different direction, toward something new.

The next two weeks are going to be much more amplified and intense than typical; such is the nature of what we call the wormhole between eclipses. A wormhole in physics is the notion that a particle can slip though a rip and tear in the fabric of spacetime, and wind up across the universe in an instant. We are like the particle in that equation, and we can find ourselves in completely new territory by virtue of passing through this intense wormhole energy of fated change, and complete transformation. Remember that Venus rules Libra, and she also rules Taurus, the sign of the Full Moon lunar eclipse in two weeks. We lead with love, and set intentions that align with a much more ready, willing, and open heart because of the healings of the last five months. Have at it.