The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus is exact at 1:27pm PDT, and we are off and running into the wormhole that we move through in between eclipses. The month of May is going to be pretty bumpy, and it starts with a bang. The Sun is in Taurus, and this is the mansion of the earth herself, and all the pleasures of the journey of being alive and in a body. Earth signs are the domain of form, and this is the first of the earth signs. Ruled by Venus, this is where we understand that while life may be brutal from just about every perspective, and it hurts to be in these tiny little bodies, these bodies are also the source of all ecstasy and bliss. So, on a mundane level, Taurus is about the cash and prizes, where luxury is to be coveted, and the shadow is overindulgence and gluttony. But from a consciousness perspective, this is where we form our values, and focus on the abundance we want to have, and have more of.

In Pisces, we know the void and the infinite field of all possibility. It is the Aries energy that dives into that void and springs into consciousness with an exuberant, I Am. Then Taurus takes the notion of our existence, and expands that into the world of form, where the Earth herself is the garden, and our bodies are the flowers that grow out of that garden. Self-worth is born here, and when we set intentions in this mansion, we are also declaring our value and worth. You can set all the intentions you want, but if you do not feel worthy of the thing you are declaring you desire, it can never come, and if it comes, it will not stay. Fortunately, eclipses can help us transform from the inside out, and the healing in our hearts of the first few months of the year have been helping us feel more deserving of love, and that newly expanded self-worth will show up as intentions you set now.

The Sun and Moon are in Taurus, but so is Uranus, the Great Awakener, and he is bringing his lightning flash of inspiration to this eclipse by being just 3-degrees away from the New Moon point. This proximity of Uranus to both eclipses is part of what will make the month of May so unstable, so prepare yourself for lots of changes, some of which will be coming at you from out of the blue. When Uranus is triggered, anything is possible as he brings unexpected shifts, pivots, and reversals. But remember that if what you wish to create needs anything in your life to be radically different in order to come to fruition, Uranus is your best bud. This Conjunction guarantees that circumstances may knock you on your ass with something new and unexpected, but Uranus also reflects our ability to receive change on a dime. So, understand that you want to set powerful, grounded intentions at this time, but remain completely flexible as to how those intentions may play out. It’s time to think outside the box, and don’t shrink back from risk.

Perhaps the most beautiful energy of the moment is the enormous stelium over in Pisces, where Neptune, Jupiter and Venus are all hanging out. This is our access to the principle that love is all there is. There are three layers of planetary consciousness in our solar system, and this stelium hits all three. The outer planets reflect our higher, multidimensional consciousness, and Neptune in Pisces is all about the Love of the Divine. A social planet reflects how those energies play out in the world, and our immediate environment. Jupiter is the social planet that takes love and turns it into abundance. But we need the personal planet of Venus to take that wave of love directly into our hearts at the individual level, and there she is. Venus is in charge of this eclipse because Taurus is one of her ruling signs. But she is exalted in Pisces, and her close connection to Jupiter and Neptune during this eclipse is like turning the faucet of love on full blast, and we benefit.

Mercury is in his retrograde shadow, meaning everything he is doing right now will be part of his backward journey that starts on May 10th. Today, just hours before the eclipse is exact, he moves into Gemini, his ruling sign. We set intentions through Mercury, as he is the planet of the mind, thoughts, and the voice itself. Mercury going retrograde in his home sign of Gemini will also add to the chaotic feel of May. His slowing down right now, and his upcoming backward journey, will likely build some delay into the unfolding of intentions over the next few weeks and months. The challenge is that Mercury retrogrades can also change things in ways we might not prefer. And Uranus’s signature in this eclipse season can take the best laid plans and alter them radically and unexpectedly. That said, Mercury slowing down and landing in his ruling sign means that the mental wave on which our intentions ride has a greater depth than typical because of Mercury’s slower movement.

In fact, this eclipse is like the perfect setup for how manifestation works. First of all, the Taurus mansion means that we are in fact in the world of form, and setting intentions of things we want to exist in the world of what we call reality. We set intentions using the mind, and that means Mercury, and Mercury is in his ruling sign of Gemini, and actually slowing down, will take the mental aspect of intentions to a deep place. But you must also generate an emotional equivalent of what your intentions will feel like, and that requires Venus. An idea without the correlating feeling is just a random thought that will pass along like billions of others. The thought is the seed, but the felt sense of excitement you have about the possibility of that thing coming to you, is the water and fertilizer. So, Mercury receives the imprint of our intentions, and Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will flood us with that felt sense of joy that comes directly out of the very center of our Being, as that is the way of Pisces.

Eclipses are fated moments of transformation, reset, and new possibilities, and this one is as juicy as they come. Get ready for things to change, and some of them radically and suddenly. The upcoming Full Moon Total Solar Eclipse is ruled by Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, where anything – and I mean anything – that needs to die off in order for something new to be born will be transformed, whether we feel ready for that or not. Still, the setup for creating new forms of love, abundance, spiritual connection, and yes, cash and prizes, is about as good as it gets in this eclipse. Set grounded, powerful intentions for what you desire, and then just know that what happens next is anybody’s guess, but love will lead you to where it wants you to wind up.