The New Moon in Taurus takes place today, and is exact at 11:59am PDT. This is the New Moon ruled by Venus, and Taurus is where we first learned to love the world of form. Being in a body is so painful, but it is through this mansion that we relate to all the pleasures of this experience. In the evolution of the zodiac, Aries starts the entire mechanism up helping us understand the power of the I Am. But in Taurus, we consider where that I Am is playing out, and the beautiful offering of this archetype is the Earth herself. The bequest that is our body, the pleasures that life offers, and grounding into the heart to allow a sense of deserving all we desire; these are the gifts of the Taurus mansion.

This New Moon is Conjunct Black Moon Lilith, a much-misunderstood shadow point that is technically related to the unconscious. Not the deep unconscious where everything is, well, unconscious. BML relates to the sometimes frightening, but powerfully creative way that little bits of unconscious material sneak up into our conscious awareness day by day. When you know how to work with that material (like being triggered but still be able to stay present and not be fully reactive within that trigger) you can cook with gas with regard to creating new things, because we need that unconscious power to build anything. This is also a point that represents repressed desires, so if there is any sense of undeserving you are working through right now, the presence of this point connected to this New Moon can go a long way to help us drop into deep places and declare your readiness to receive.

Black Moon Lilith connects us to our sexuality in powerful ways as well, and a New Moon in Taurus is all about our sensual nature. So, this is a New Moon that allows us to incorporate our sexual desires, passions, and needs for affection and pleasure to be part of what we intend to create at this time. In fact, this whole New Moon is an opportunity to really drop into how much pleasure you can imagine your life to afford you. Taurus is the mansion where we invented the world of form, and all the yumminess that being in a body can yield. Black Moon Lilith takes that passionate enjoyment of the body to a whole other level, so do not shrink back from setting intentions that are deeply personal, powerfully sexual, and ultimately, sensual in nature.

There is a powerful forward thrust of energy in this New Moon as Mercury and Venus are hovering around the North Node of the Moon. The North Node is all about our dharma, and the future as we are creating it. Setting intentions at a moment when both our mind and heart – Mercury and Venus – are relating powerfully to where we are heading (North Node), makes this a lunation with some real forward trajectory. We are likely to have a sense of alignment between the ideas we have about what we want to create (Mercury) and the feeling experience needed to manifest those ideas into form (Venus). Put both of these personal planets on either side of the North Node, and we have a moment where we are being led powerfully into the future by virtue of the intentions we set.

But there’s more. While Mercury and Venus connect directly with the North Node, both Mars and Uranus are making contact with the South Node, the point that holds the past and all the karmic lessons and baggage we have to deal with both collectively and individually. They are each hitting the South Node with the Great Eliminator angle, and so this moment is designed to help us quite literally walk away from old patterns and habits as we step onto a new path. Two of these Great Eliminator angles happening at the same time forms a pattern known as a Finger of God, or Finger of Fate if you prefer that word.

Because both the South and North Node are involved in this pattern, this Finger of God has the added bonus of being what is called a Focused Yod, meaning it has much more power to guide us into the exact place we need to be in order to allow the winds of fate to rise up and help us move forward with tremendous assistance from the universe. The Nodes are what generate eclipses, and while this New Moon is not an eclipse, it does signal the beginning of eclipse season as the Full Moon during this lunar cycle is, in fact, the first eclipse of the season. We are in a wormhole of energy with this New Moon that will take two lunar cycles to play out.
When we open our eyes at the end of June, we will find that just about anything that can changed, will have changed. In most of my lunation articles, I always focus on finding your gifts and sharing them with the world in service. This New Moon is much more personal, less about how you serve others and much more about how you serve yourself. There will be plenty of opportunity down the road to focus once again on the outside world and what it needs/expects of you. For this moment, turn to what you desire to make your life the most pleasurable and comfortable experience you can create, and ground that into reality by setting powerful intentions to create more love. When you feel fed by your own journey, then you can more easily help to feed others.