At 1:17am PDT this morning, the Moon and the Sun met up at 4-degrees of Virgo, and we put this last lunar cycle to bed, and thank goodness as that fixed energy was brutal. In this New Moon in Virgo, mutable energy takes over for the next four weeks; mutable means fluid and flexible, where change is more graceful. Virgo is all about organization, precision, and getting all your ducks in a row. Mercury rules Virgo, which is why this mansion is associated with detail and structure, and all the moving parts that make up a life. But Virgo is also ruled by Chiron, the Great Healer, so in this New Moon, we are setting intentions that relate to our healing. Both internal, psychic healing, as well as a big focus on physical health, fitness, and nutrition. Virgo rules the daily routine, and this is a moment to align yourself with exactly what you need every day to be grounded, focused, and ready to meet life on life’s terms. And of course, being devotional in a spiritual practice is front and center in all of this, as Virgo understands how to connect with the Divine.

This New Moon has an interesting relationship to Jupiter, the planet through which we manifest abundance. The geometry between them is the 150-degree Great Eliminator angle that demands that we make some slight adjustment to our plans, or move away from an old idea toward a new one. Jupiter is telling us we can have what we desire, but we might have to allow the form to change in some way. As this lunar cycle plays out, there may be a theme of asking yourself what you have to let go of in order to make room for the good fortune you wish to come your way. I like to say you want to grasp your desires powerfully, but with an open hand, so you are prepared to let things shift as you go, and do so gracefully. There is a lot of friction built into this New Moon, so it’s not a smooth sailing moment. It’s more of a bumpy road to deciding what you want, and then perhaps having to change all your plans once or twice in the weeks and months to come.

Part of why this is comes from the very tight Square of this New Moon in Virgo to Mars in Gemini. These are both mutable signs, and a Square between mutable signs practically guarantees that things will change and morph into new forms. Part of the current tension comes from this powerful mutable Square that demands lots of flexibility and movement, but Venus in Leo is activating the fixed Grand Cross that we have been struggling with for the past few months. This New Moon has this push/pull between energy that wants to move and change, and energy that is fixed and immovable, and increased stress may be one of the artifacts. Also of note is that Mars is in Gemini, and will stay there for the next seven months because of his upcoming Retrograde. That means that every plan, every idea we have, everything is subject to change. Reevaluation and revision will be part of the game plan all the way through March of 2023 (check out my Mars Retrograde Masterclass which you can find out about at

The Fixed Grand Cross that was a big part of the last few months has started to loosen up, but Venus is traveling through fixed Leo right now. She is parked at a perfect degree to be reactivating that Square (conflicts) between the past (South Node), the unstable future (North Node with Uranus), lessons and delays (Saturn), and the current state of our emotional body (Venus). A mutable New Moon suggests that we can set intentions, and then allow things to change shape as we go, but with the backdrop of a Fixed Grand Cross, that’s a setup for conflict, and pushing against the tide. Because it’s Venus doing the triggering, the message to look for here is in the emotional attachments you have to what you desire. With all of this fixed energy, if you are too attached to something that is ultimately not yours to receive, there will be great suffering. We must all learn to go after what we desire in our hearts, but to learn to not get caught up in the form or the final outcome.

It’s perfect to write your intentions, both because Virgo is ruled by Mercury, but Mars in the sign of Gemini allows us to explore our motivations and choices by considering things mentally. The demand to act is rich in this New Moon, it’s time to get moving. And yet, some of that movement may hit a wall or two as we go, such is the nature of a contradiction between mutable and fixed energy. But we must take action anyway, and then just understand that as we move through this lunar cycle – and the next seven months of Mars in Gemini – we allow the universe show us what needs to shift in order to manifest what we are attempting to create. This is a time to get moving, and if you don’t quite know what to do first, trust the right next steps will appear below you, perhaps just as you put your foot on the ground.