Welcome to the Full Moon in Gemini that takes place at 8:35pm PST. And though this is not an eclipse, this is the Full Moon in a lunar cycle that was generated by an eclipse two weeks ago, and so there is an intensity that comes just from that. Venus has barely moved in over a week, and so the planet of love has been hanging out with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, revealing so much shadow material from the unconscious about our experience of love and intimacy. Venus will turn around tomorrow, just six hours after this Full Moon hits. Between the amplification of energy of the lunation, and the planet that governs how we give and receive love turning within, there is so much tumult in this moment.

Sagittarius is where we experience true joy, as this is Jupiter’s sign, the planet known as the Great Expander. We expand through education, travel, variety of experience, trying new things, and recognizing that life is an adventure. But the most important element of what Sagittarius invented is this thing we like to call, the truth. Sagittarius can embody this idea of truth because it knows no limits in exploration and consideration; we understand in this mansion that all truth is subjective, and highest truth becomes a collective notion. I like to think of this through the idea that all roads lead to the Divine. Most religions would tell you otherwise, that there is an objective truth, we have it and you don’t, and when those differences rise up, that is enough to kill the other off in a spectacular klusterfuck of polarization, something that is gripping the planet right now like ever before.

It is in the opposite sign of Gemini where these ideas of separateness rise up, as the twins embody the notion that everything has two sides. When this is done well, we call it debate, consideration, and the beautiful process of establishing connection through communication, and Gemini’s specialty, the sharing of ideas. But of course, on the shadow side of Gemini is polarization, choosing one side over another, and debate gone mad. Can you look out across the room at someone who has very different view from you and also know that they are a child of the Divine, the same Divine Universe that created you? I believe this is the most difficult thing there is to do once we enter a body. And this accelerated moment on the planet is being driven by polarization gone awry, and we must find our way to maintain our own sense of individuality, while simultaneously recognizing that that person you are hating on for having different beliefs, is really just you in the mirror. End that war inside your own mind, and we are one step closer to Peace for Humanity.

Over on the side of this Full Moon we find Venus and Pluto hanging out, with her at the very beginning of her retrograde journey. This is going to be beyond transformative. Venus represents how we give and receive love, and Pluto allows for utter change to take place, at the level of death and rebirth. Because Venus is slowing down to go retrograde, she has not been moving for over a week, and she has been cozying up to Pluto this whole time. The emotional body (Venus) is slowing down enough to visit with the depths of our personal shadow (Pluto) where we hide all the things we prefer not to look it. There is no getting around this now, we are all facing the shadow of how we close off to love, and whatever is being kicked up this week will be part of a six-week process of reworking our inner experience of love that starts just six hours after this Full Moon hits.

All Full Moons allow us to release material that no longer serves us. But this one joins up with the Venus retrograde process as a sort of mechanism for even deeper release of unconscious impulses and shadow material that we are discovering and working with right now. The geometrical relationship between this powerful Conjunction of Venus/Pluto and the Full Moon is the 150-degree angle known as the Great Eliminator. This geometry is the fork in the road, and when it rises up, it always offers the opportunity to turn toward something new, and leave behind an old way. Charming tropes like “the road less travelled by” are the hallmark of this angle, and though it is considered minor in astrology, it is my absolute favorite transit, because this is how we grow and evolve through life. This Full Moon really just plunges us into Venus’s retrograde, and so the true release that this moment offers may take us about two months to move through.

With the Moon in Gemini, writing is the tool of the moment. Remember to focus on all that you are grateful for at this time, as it can be easy to forget that part of every Full Moon. Yes, we release the old, but fully half of the power of any Full Moon is the harvest. If we ever needed a moment to focus on the wins, this is it, so be sure to dig deep into your experience of this past year, consider all of the gifts and expansions, and write them down. Only then turn to what you are ready to release. This Full Moon engages us at the level of thoughts, words and ideas, but also remember that this very milieu is where we get tripped up with in the first place; racing thoughts, too many thoughts, changing thoughts, thoughts that seem inspired but lead nowhere. When looking to what you are ready to let go of in this Gemini Full Moon, be sure to consider relying too heavily on what is going on in your mind; in other words, don’t believe everything that you think.