At 11:54am PDT, the Moon will Oppose the Sun, and we move through a powerful Full Moon in Libra. Every Full Moon is an opportunity for us to release the things in our unconscious that we are ready to let go of, and in Libra, the focus is on our relationships, balance and harmony, and the way the outer world is actually a reflection of your inner state of mind and heart. What we release at this time is designed to help us have a greater experience of our relationships with others, both romantic and otherwise. Also in consideration is our approach to finding balance, harmony and peace within our psyche. And perhaps most important of all, we are cultivating a deeper understanding, and therefore a better capacity to work with, the notion that any change you desire to generate in your outside world must first begin with you.

The trope goes like this: We see the world not as it is, but as we are. If you look in the mirror and you notice that your outfit is wrinkled, you do not take the iron and smash it against the glass. But this is how most people operate before they have a true understanding that everything we see and experience in our outer world is about us, not about the thing we are perceiving. In Libra, we connect with this idea more deeply, and when we have this understanding truly integrated into how we live our lives day to day, we are cooking with gas.

A Libra Moon in a T-Square with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, is like a party for the shadow. If you are looking out there right now at the things you wish were taking place, especially in your love and relationship life, and focusing on what you don’t have, you will suffer. Turn instead to the spaces within, and this Full Moon can help you dig way down deep into the hidden recesses of your unconscious, and allow for big changes to take place. We get the love we feel we deserve, and when we recognize that the access to more love is an inside job, we get to truly open ourselves up to receiving more, if we’re willing to do the work. Undeserving and unworthiness are elements of our shadow consciousness, and this is the domain of Pluto. This is not a comfortable setup, but it puts us in the direction of generating deep and lasting change; this is one powerful lunation for clearing away such blocks to love.

There is a powerful backdrop to this Full Moon with Venus and Uranus relating in an almost exact Sextile. Venus is in Pisces, and the planet that reflects our hearts is exalted in this sign, as love is all there is in the mansion of universal connection. Uranus in Taurus is also driven by the love principle, as Taurus is also ruled by Venus. Uranus wakes us up to new levels of consciousness, and this transit provides a huge excitation of our heart’s desire. It also adds a risk-taking energy that can bring about changes at the deepest level. If you have been struggling with any sort of blocks to love and intimacy, this sidebar transit makes this Full Moon operate at the level of psychic surgery. We are able to shave of yet another layer of resistance to living more vulnerably, and allowing more love to flow through you, as you. But do not be surprised if this lunar cycle radically changes things in your relationship life, and potentially in very unexpected ways. Mercury is involved in this Sextile, so some of you will be experiencing conversations that change things suddenly and radically.

I don’t usually talk so much about a lunation that is coming up when focusing on the one we are moving through, but truly, this Full Moon and the New Moon that hits in two weeks are operating as one heart-opening mechanism. That New Moon on April 30th is also kicking off eclipse season, so we are moving into another whirlwind of energy, and it’s all driven by these archetypal energies that show up as openings to more love in our lives. Venus in Pisces is active in this Full Moon, but she still has a few weeks before she catches up fully with Neptune and Jupiter. She will indeed catch up with the planet of expansion (Jupiter) and spirit (Neptune) just in time for that New Moon. And since the New Moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus just as much as this Full Moon in Libra, this cycle and the next, is truly all about the giving and receiving of love, and what we must work on to allow for more of that.

A little nod to the general sensation of today and this weekend; the thrust of energy is intense and the potential for conflict is ripe. Both the Moon and the Sun are Squaring Pluto, and each is a setup for breakdowns and problems, both challenges we are conscious of (Sun/Pluto) as well as all sorts of impulses bubbling up from the unconscious that may kick us to the curb (Moon/Pluto). Libra energy not only craves balance and stability, it invented it. Pluto Squares are anything but balanced and stable. Add to this the lighting flash of Uranus participating in this Full Moon as he is, and there is an absolute setup for curve balls, unexpected behaviors, and sudden shifts and pivots as we move through these next two to three days.

But from an archetypal perspective, this moment is really all about making room in our unconscious to allow for us to create experiences in the outer world that match our inner desire for love, intimacy, and connection. The power of Jupiter and Neptune hanging out in Pisces is all about manifestation of our desires, and the Libra Moon will hit that powerful Conjunction in the Great Eliminator angle. We come full circle back to what every Full Moon offers in the form of letting go of that which no longer serves us. Or, more specifically, that which actually hinders our ability to attract and keep love close to our hearts. When in doubt, lean into the stillness within and say to yourself, “I am now willing to release any blocks to receiving more love in my life; known and unknown, conscious and unconscious.” And then let the solar system do it’s work on your behalf.