Overnight the Moon moved into Taurus, and at 1:23pm PDT, the Taurus Moon will Oppose the Scorpio Sun, and we find ourselves at the Full Moon in Taurus that is also a Partial Lunar Eclipse. Besides this being an important lunation inside of an eclipse wormhole, this is bringing a humongous energy, truly over the top. Thankfully, Taurus is a grounded and stable sign, but still, this Full Moon means business. The Sun is in Scorpio, so we are all about change, transformation, all the way to the level of death and rebirth. Taurus is the promise of love and abundance that comes when we surrender to the changes that need to happen in order for us to open up and receive more love in all forms. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so this lunation is all about love, but this is the sign that includes love of being in a body, incarnated here on Earth, as spiritual beings having human experiences, and our work is to know the Love of the Divine in our very flawed, human hearts, every day.

The Nodes have moved into Aries and Libra, and it is the Nodes that trigger the eclipses, and so we would not expect a Taurus Full Moon with the Sun in Scorpio to be an eclipse, but it is. The solar system is just in the right alignment for the Sun to be close enough to the South Node to pass through the shadow, but the Sun is on the “other side” of the South Node in Libra. Five days ago, the Sun moved into Scorpio even though the New Moon that triggered this lunar cycle had the Sun in Libra. There is complex math known as the Saros cycle that describes why and how this happens, but all you really need to know can be understood archetypally. Since this is a Taurus/Scorpio eclipse, and the last three eclipse seasons took place in those signs, there is release power not only from this past six months, but the past two years as well. We are releasing things in our hearts right now that we have been working on mightily for quite some time.

Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, so this asymmetrical lunar cycle where the Sun starts in one sign and then changes signs inside of the same cycle, is completely elegant. We started out with a New Moon in Libra, ruled by Venus. Then the Sun moves into Pluto’s territory of Scorpio, where the promise of love, harmony, and balance in a Libra lunar cycle tells the story of the death to self that has to happen, in order to be reborn to more love and abundance. Venus rules Taurus, the sign that is opposite to Scorpio, so Venus is ruling this Full Moon as well, and that means it’s all about love, is love, is love, is love. But we block love through fear, wound, self-loathing, cynicism, and all sorts of injuries in the heart. Venus herself has been busy this year, taking us on a deep and transformational retrograde in the sign of Leo, where the heart knows no limits of undeserving. Now we keep our promise to ourselves, and we surrender to the death and rebirth in our hearts, in order to let more love in.

This is a South Node eclipse season, so it’s all about releasing the past, and letting go of limits to loving more fully. But the promise for the future is bountiful, as Jupiter is Conjunct the Moon during this eclipse. Jupiter leads us to all our abundant possibilities, and it is this presence in the eclipse that tells the story of the things we allow to fall away and transform, can absolutely lead to our highest Good. Jupiter is retrograde now, so the space we are making in this Full Moon is internal, and we have to trust that the coming months will allow us to attract all that we desire. But make no mistake about it, the desires we have come at a cost, and often that cost is allowing change to happen, when fear might keep us holding steadfast to old habitual patterns that keep us in lack. This reminds me of that image of the terrified person, clutching tightly to a branch so that they don’t fall to their deaths, not knowing that the new ground they seek is just below them if they can find the courage to let go.

The energy of this weekend is truly over the top. Full Moons are intense in and of themselves. Eclipses take that intensity to a whole other level. Mercury and Mars are Conjunct today, which provides a very valuable alignment of mind and body, where we are clear about what we want, and connected to the actions needed to accomplish our goals. But they are also in the depths of Scorpio, just a few degrees away from the Sun, and that generates a tremendous wave on the Scorpio side of the tug between the Sun and the Moon. With Jupiter amplifying the Moon side, and Mercury and Mars increasing the Scorpio side, the pull between the Sun and the Moon is about as big as it can get. Taurus tells us there is love in overflowing abundance. Scorpio holds that we must die in order to have more. That’s how big the energy of this eclipse is.

In some ways, the intensity of this month will lighten up when the wave of this Full Moon is past, but we are still in a lunar cycle that was kicked off by two eclipses, so the next two weeks are going to be a little extra, and over the top in the same manner as the last two weeks. Look to the Libra house in your chart, as well as the Taurus ruled house to get more distinctions about how you are dialing into this eclipse cycle. Your own Venus placement is something to consider as well, and the way in which you experienced Venus’s retrograde from June through early October. It’s like this entire year has been designed for all of us, at the personal level, to upgrade how much love we can hold in our hearts. Relationships are changing dramatically in this lunar cycle, and some may be on their way out. This is an eclipse of fated endings, so do your best to allow things to go, even if you wish that weren’t the case.

This is of course deeply personal, but also important on the collective level. The world has gone mad, and there is no indication that this is going to lighten up in our lifetimes. Pluto is spending this and next year moving into Aquarius, and over the next few years, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn will all be changing signs. The amount of change between now and 2026 is epic, so hold onto your hats. The more loving we can be as we hold our dear world in our perspective, the more likely we will be able to create, at long last, Peace for Humanity. The more you can remain loving in what can feel like an unloving world, the more traction there will be for that Peace to be experienced at the collective level. It starts with peace in our hearts at the individual level, and this is why we do the deep work, so have at it!