Welcome to the true astrological New Year, with the New Moon in Aries that hits today at 11:24pm PDT, so falling into your April 1st for those of you points east. The Sun crossing into the Aries mansion at the Equinox is what we refer to as the alpha/omega moment of the solar year, but until the Moon joins in the fun, it’s not a party. The Aries Moon will connect with the Aries Sun as today turns into tomorrow, and we move through the most important moment to set intentions of the calendar year. Every sign has a standard mantra, often used while teaching astrology. The mantra for Aries is, “I Am!” and in this mansion, we are focused on the self, our personal desires and goals, and our attention is on getting things started. Aries energy is not good for the follow through, but without a gunshot, how would you know the race has begun?

Truly, the first three lunar cycles of 2022 were transformative, and extraordinarily difficult to get through at a deeply personal level for all humans on the planet. Venus and Mercury helped us excavate tons of material that needed our attention; the healings were profound, and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel personally changed as a result. If you recall (and if you follow astrology somewhat closely) you know that Mars caught up with Venus a few weeks ago, and spent quite a bit of time with her, helping us embody some of the inner emotional changes we were grappling with. Now both Venus and Mars are in Aquarius, and though they are no longer close enough to be influencing each other directly, we are still able to make new choices in behavior, because we know our deeper feelings more intimately. Indeed, we have learned a lot about our sense of value and worth thanks to the first three lunar cycles of 2022.

Good thing, because Mars, Venus and Saturn are all together during this New Moon, adding a sobering and serious sense of the importance of the intentions we set right now. Mars and Venus in Aquarius invites us to think and act out of the box and try innovative new approaches to whatever it is we wish to create. The presence of Saturn may slow things down, and will certainly keep things right sized if we overreach our grasp. That said, I encourage you to think big, take risks in the intentions you set, and let Saturn show you what your limits are, instead of starting from a place of feeling limited, and therefore saying small with the intentions you set in the first place. These three planets are also Squaring the Nodes of the Moon, which means if we aren’t quite done with a wound from the past, we may have to handle that before we can effectively move into the future. Self-awareness is key right now.

The promise of April (read my monthly forecast, also out today) is driven by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and good fortune, meeting up with Neptune, the Great Spirit. Both of these planets are amplified in Pisces, and both have direct connections to how we use the law of attraction. Jupiter is the manifestation planet himself, and without a connection to Source (Neptune), we aren’t really co-creating with the Universe in the way it is designed to work. In Pisces we dream up our lives, and in Aries, we put those dreams into action, and this New Moon is all about that. Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces right now is keeping a humongous thread of our consciousness in the infinite field of all possibility. Then our conscious awareness (Sun) and unconscious impulses (Moon) in the sign of Aries allows us to take that fiery startup energy that Aries brings, and set powerful intentions to take us into the next lunar cycle, and the year ahead.

Okay, so here’s where it gets real. This isn’t the movie version, and all the yummy this month doesn’t erase the narrative you are playing out right now. Your experience of everything in this moment, and the intentions you set (and how the manifestation piece plays out,) depends largely on the healing and forgiveness work that you have done. No one will escape that T-Square from Saturn, Mars and Venus to the Nodes, so if there’s a resentment that has quieted down, but hasn’t yet been excised, any desire to move forward now will be hindered until you face it. But don’t worry, this moment in the astrology will not keep that quiet, if something indeed needs your intention in the realm of forgiveness, it will come up before too long.

The last lunar cycle was all about healing, especially the Full Moon in Virgo two weeks ago, since Virgo is also ruled by Chiron, the Great Healer. Chiron himself is in Aries right now, and this New Moon is exactly Conjunct the Great Healer. The intentions we set right now has the Great Healer’s fingerprints all over them. Before you set intentions in this New Moon, take some time to truly reflect on all that has been healed in your heart since last November. I defy anyone to look back over these past five months and not see a tremendous amount of healing has taken place. Lean into what is possible now that you have made more space in your heart to feel worthy and deserving of a magnificent life. Then as I like to say, Have at it!