Today’s New Moon takes place at 2-degrees of Gemini and is exact at 10:38am PDT this morning. Though this lunation is not an eclipse, it sets off eclipse season that begins with the Full Moon in two weeks. In some ways, we have stepped inside a two-month wormhole, where we will be catapulted through our consciousness in the way that all eclipse seasons generate. These next two lunar cycles promise to be pretty intense. Yes, I know that more intensity seems onerous to incorporate into our experience of what is already a wild ride. January was huge, November promises to bring potentially even more severe energy. Gemini season into Cancer – three eclipses in a row – will also rise up as one of the peak waves of 2020. But I get a little ahead of myself.

The twins of the mythological origin story, Castor and Polydeuces, express different sides of our nature. This reflects our innate capacity to split off our thoughts into different perspectives, and in a simple way, because there are two of them, the Gemini twins talk to each other. In this way, Gemini invented thinking, words, conversation, debate, negotiation, really anything that uses the mind. But let’s go deeper, because these times demand that we do. Though they were twin brothers, one was the divine son of Zeus, and the other the son of a mortal. One of the twins inside your consciousness is very human, and will lead you in the direction of personal thoughts of separation, fear, lack and disconnect. The other is divine in nature, and organically knows we are never separate from Source. This is the true origin of the devil sitting on one shoulder, while the angle in you perches on the other. Which twin has your ear right now? This is the perfect intention setting moment to up-level not just what you think, but how you think.

Polarization and the fatigue that comes with it is a real thing in our modern world, and our long-range success as a species depends largely on our ability to heal these divides before they destroy us. Pick a side and attack, and that’s the old paradigm grabbing you. The struggle of being in the realm of personal thought while simultaneously attempting to hold a higher truth inside your consciousness is a fundamental divine that lives in us all. Gemini invented polarization, and it is in this mansion that we can heal it. The Sun in Gemini means the integrated opposite is Sagittarius, and while this is really part of the next Full Moon, it is important to know that the theme of this lunar cycle is all about aligning our personal experience of thought (Gemini) with our transpersonal experience of divine thought (Sagittarius). This is truly one of the most difficult things to accomplish while tooling around in a body, but fortunately, there is a lot of assistance provided by the planetary backdrop to this New Moon to help us accomplish this very task.

Venus is retrograde in Gemini, and as such, we are all in a deep, inner process about how we give and receive love. Mercury is in Gemini as well, so the planet that represents our mind is in one of his home turfs. Consider for a moment the notion of aligning with the divine twin of the Gemini duo. If you attempt to tune into higher thoughts, but your heart is pulling you into lower depths of grief, sadness, and unhealed trauma, how could you possible connect to your divine nature? This is the value of a Venus retrograde, helping us drop in and heal things that hover in the unconscious. The fact that Mercury and Venus will come together in the early days of Venus’s retrograde means that we will be gifted with some conscious thoughts about the emotional process we are in. The fact that this important transit happens at the exact moment of this New Moon in Gemini is a beautiful synchronicity. We are going on a journey to pull mind and heart into more congruence, and we are being set up in this lunar cycle to do just that, supported completely by the solar system that we call home.

This lunation also Trines Saturn, which is undoubtedly the loveliest way to interact with the Great Teacher. When Saturn is in the house, lessons abound, and if you haven’t been bringing your A-game, he might just kick your ass to teach you something new. Fortunately, this easy connection with him is like the other iteration of your relationship with the benevolent teacher, who rewards us for a job well done. This is an aspect of rationality, steady accomplishment, patience, and steadfastness. Having it in such harmony with this important New Moon indicates that we are also receiving marching orders from the Great Teacher. We will all be much more willing to take the deep dive because of Saturn’s presence in this moment, and the ease with which we are being ushered into a journey of deep learning is greater because of this placement.

Gemini energy responds to words, so approach this intention-setting experience with pen and paper in hand. Let your thoughts guide you and you may be rewarded with some nuggets from below, like Jack Horner discovering the plumb inside his pie. As I was writing this, I saw a quote online from JFK, who said, “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion, without the discomfort of thought.” That seems like an apt trope in this moment of heightened polarization. This is a time to drop deep into your thinking mechanism and link it with your feeling mechanism, and come out the other side more integrated, and more closely aligned with the twin that lives inside each of us that knows god. Remember always that what you focus on is what grows and expands. When in doubt, set intentions to align yourself with higher thought, and then just let go and allow the wild ride of the next two lunar cycles to bring you to brand new territory, where heart and mind are more integrated than ever before.