The New Moon in Libra hits this afternoon at 2:54pm PDT. This lunation is ruled by Venus and is about love in all forms. Venus is so active with this New Moon, it’s almost ironic. She and the retrograding Mercury are Conjunct, aligning mind and heart. She is holding an Opposition to the Neptune, the Great Spirit, waking us up to Divine Love. She is also Trining Pluto, creating a depth of gravitas, passion, and sexual expression. In the realm of love, this is a real top of the wheel/bottom of the wheel kind of experience. Let me explain.

I use the wheel as a symbol for how life unfolds. We have a top of the wheel experience, where we are in flow, ease, and manifestation. But the wheel must always turn, and when we drop into the bottom of the wheel, we are exploring our insides, doing the inner work, facing wounds, and transforming our consciousness. In the planetary community, Neptune is about the top of the wheel, where our connection to the Divine lifts us up to the highest experience of love we are capable of. Pluto assists us with the bottom of the wheel, where love also includes deep passions, profound sexual expression, the willingness to share intimacy even though it’s terrifying to do so. Shadow work is best done within the relationship experience, and it is Pluto that helps us drop into the depths of our psyche, and allow change and transformation to happen.

Libra is all about love and relationships, but do not get caught up in romance as being the only version of love embodied by the Libra archetype. This is where we recognize that absolutely everything about the world in which we live is created by us. Everything. Libra is represented by the scales of balance, but I would trade that for the mirror as a symbol. The world we inhabit is generated by our individual consciousness, and what we see and experience, is a direct reflection of the mental and emotional equivalent of life that we hold inside of us. Remember that first time you decided to buy a red Toyota, and suddenly there were thousands of red Toyotas on the road? That’s not a miracle of Toyota magic, the shift is generated by your inner, mental equivalent showing up in your outer world. And that perception can be changed by us. Libra invented this, and when we work with this principle at the level of our own consciousness, now we are playing the game with the big kids.

So, this is a New Moon about perception, ultimately. Mercury is the planet of our perception, and he is doing something very interesting and powerful around this New Moon. He has been in Libra for the past weeks, so right there in alignment with this notion of as within, so without. But he told us that we needed to do some more healing and integration to align our thinking with what our hearts desire. He retrograded back into Virgo, the sign of healing and integration, and the sign that Venus is in right now. Retrograding Mercury and Venus are Conjunct in this New Moon, almost forcing a beautiful congruency between mind and heart. When we set intentions with our mental and emotional bodies in alignment, our intentions become that more powerful, and this New Moon has that built right into it.

Our hearts are already aligned with Source, we can not help that. It is our thinking and perception that can pull us out of that alignment, and it is a boon to us the Mercury is in a process where he can help us rewire our thinking. In this New Moon, our minds are being tethered to our hearts quite directly, and as Mercury continues his process for another few weeks, the intentions we set at this time get downloaded deep into our unconscious, as Mercury has one toe dipped into the below because he is moving backward. Some of the intentions we set right now may have some automatic delay built into them with Mercury retrograde and Mars poised to turn around in just five weeks. In fact, there are seven planets retrograde right now. Things we intend now may take a while to manifest in form, but the process of just setting intentions has much more power to impact us down below the surface of consciousness where we need the traction to create new things.

This New Moon is when we set intentions for new relationships, or powerful upgrades to our current experience of self and other. But really, there is only one relationship that counts, and that is the one we have with existence itself. There is nothing more important in any life than developing a spiritual connection with the universe, for everything unfolds from that connection. There is a prayer that comes out of the New Testament that I really love with apologies to my Jewish mother. Seek first the kingdom within, and all else will be added unto you. This is that New Moon, where we look first to our relationship with Source, and understand that every other relationship that we have is a direct reflection of that primary one. With that in your mind and heart, plus a little patience for how long things may take to unfold courtesy of all the retrogrades, set powerful intentions for all the love you can imagine, and then a little more.