The New Moon in Sagittarius hits this afternoon at 2:57pm PST, and we can officially put a most difficult eclipse lunar cycle behind us. Yesterday, both the Sun and the Moon were in Scorpio, a kind of pre-New Moon alignment of conscious awareness (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) impulses both swimming in the deep waters of Scorpio, where we have all been marinating in the cauldron of change for the last four weeks. But as yesterday became today, the Sun moved out of those waters and into the fiery, spirited, and much lighter Sagittarius mansion. As we start this day, the Moon is still in Scorpio, the deep, wet place below the surface where all change and transformation takes place. Then just after noon PST, the Moon moves into Sagittarius, and three hours later, catches up with the Sun, and we hit the intention setting apex, where we plants seeds for growth, expansion, abundance and prosperity, our desires for education, travel, spiritual seeking, and the cultivation of joy.

Sagittarius is the sign ruled by Jupiter, the Great Expander. Jupiter is the social planet along with Saturn. Saturn provides all the structure and responsibility, and Jupiter adds all the joy and abundance that we get to enjoy while we are here. Jupiter is the planet through which we understand manifesting our desires, and this lunation and the entire lunar cycle is ruled by Jupiter. On top of that, he is behaving very auspiciously. In Pisces, the process of manifestation is internal, as this is the sign of the unconscious mind, and the infinite field of possibility through which all form arises. About a month ago, Jupiter retrograded back into Pisces, a sign he is very happy in, because he understands that all expansion must begin with an internal mental and emotional equivalent of what we desire, and Pisces is the perfect place to do this.

So, the Moon and the Sun come together in Jupiter’s sign at 2:57pm PST, and at that moment, Jupiter is retrograde in Pisces, deeply entrenched in the land of possibility, receiving the imprint of our intentions all the way into the depths of our unconscious, where all form must start as an idea. Then at 3:02pm, Jupiter turns around and goes direct. You read that right, that is five minutes later. What a crescendo of intention setting and forward moving power, all driven by the mutable fires of Sagittarius! The Moon being in Sag means that whatever Jupiter is doing is heightened, and that he is changing directions at the exact moment our unconscious opens up to receive the imprint of our intentions is beyond powerful. Before this lunar cycle is over, Jupiter will move into Aries, and things we intend now may get a big dose of movement into form, and the abundance we desire will start to be made manifest in more visible ways.

This is a moment to set intentions for all the joy, expansion, and abundance you feel ready to receive, but also remember that there are delays built into this moment. Mars is in a Trine with Saturn, which is a good combo for inspiring the new ideas we want to generate, while delivering the discipline we need to take such things on. But Mars is retrograde and will not be wrapping up his backward movement till mid-January through March of next year. So, the energy behind our intentions and desires is truly enormous in this New Moon, but how we make things happen in the outer world is the domain of Mars. We may have to wait till the second half of January when he goes direct for things we intend now to start surfacing as new choices, behaviors, and projects beginning to come into fruition.

Truly, this New Moon has so much of Jupiter’s good fortune build into it. But remember, this is not magic, and you are not living the movie version of your life. Whatever narrative you are moving through will follow you out of eclipse season and into this lunar cycle. I know a lot of you were going through some deep grief, healing, change and transformation, and that’s not going to just go away because Jupiter is in the house. Trust your process, and all the healing we just did. Know that the light needs no help in filling up the dark spaces; the work is in the excavation required to make that space that was previously filled with wound. We did that to such a powerful extent in Scorpio season, now we get to begin inching out in the world, ready to start creating new possibilities from a more authentic place. Have at it!