The Virgo New Moon hits at 3:49am PDT, and we kick off our next lunar cycle driven by the healing and transformative powers of this mansion. In a moment where the world is presenting us with great uncertainty, wild amounts of change and transformation, and all sorts of breakdowns and breakthroughs, we find ourselves needing to pivot over and over again, even as the foundation beneath us is crumbling below our feet. Fortunately, this is Virgo’s very point of mastery; how to process and integrate change, how to take difficult circumstances and make the best of them, how to find the deep healing that needs to take place in order for things to work in harmony once again. This New Moon is healing and restorative, and boy, do we need that now more than ever.

This New Moon takes place in a perfect Trine with the planetary stelium being held by Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. The initiation moment of great change goes back to 2007/8 when Pluto, the planet that brings death and rebirth, entered Capricorn, the sign that invented all social and governmental structures. In those years, the housing and banking markets began to fail in a way that seemed impossible and improbable. Remember that? Well, that slow, steady and powerful agent of change has been trekking through Capricorn for the past decade-plus, and when Saturn, the Great Teacher entered his ruling sign of Capricorn at the end of 2017, we knew we were in for some heavy shit hitting the fan. Jupiter, the planet that makes everything bigger and go potentially over the top joined the fray in the beginning of 2020, and, well, here we are.

The Virgo mansion is mutable energy, which is all about the ability to shift easily when change is the name of the game. Virgo is ruled by two planets, Mercury and Chiron, and of course in this moment, I am pretty captivated by the Chironic portion of this powerful New Moon. That powerhouse of energy from the Capricorn stelium I described in the previous paragraph is in a beautiful Trine with this New Moon. This allows us to be in relative comfort with all that is changing, even though much of this year has featured wildly uncomfortable moments when attempting to integrate everything we have had to take on. Healing and restoration are built into this New Moon, and the easy connection the Sun and the Moon have to Saturn in particular, helps us consider the changes that are taking place without shrinking back from them. In this way, we want to set intentions that authentically consider the new world on its own terms.

Of course, there are personal adjustments we each have to make at this time with how we are embodying our own consciousness, and choices we must make on our individual life path. This sense of personal choice and how we relate to our goals and ambitions, is a pure Mars consciousness. The planet of action is retrograde, so we are all in a somewhat unconscious process of realigning how we move, choose, and act. The geometry between Mars and this New Moon is the angle known as the Great Eliminator. Whatever you dig into now in terms of intentions for the future, you would be well served to understand that there may be changes in direction you will have to generate in order to get to where you want to go. Mars in a Square to Saturn makes this serious, and will put some people into some confronting conflict with what you desire, and what may need to change in order for you to create that desire.

A colleague of mine wrote something about this New Moon reminding me that everyone wants change, but not everyone is willing to actually do the changing. The shifts you want to see in your outside world have to come from within, and this is where Mars comes in. He is holding space at the very beginning of his backward movement, through which we will all be able to alter how we move through our lives. The Great Eliminator angle is perfect for having energetic support to drop some stuff for good, including karmic patterns, old, wounded habits, and all sorts of ways that you may have tended to abandon yourself in the past. However, this process still has another almost five months to play out, so things we initiate today may take a while to show up in form.

This New Moon is also creating a Mutable Grand Cross with an Opposition to Neptune on the one side, and the crosshatching of the Nodes of the Moon on the other. This T-Square of the New Moon to the Nodes of the Moon is a powerful moment for the collective, as that’s what the Nodes bring into the picture. You’ll need your spiritual practice, or you may feel truly lost (Neptune). We are all being hit with this powerful sense of a need to be both clear and definitive (Virgo) about where you want to go next, but also completely flexible with what that is to look like (Mutable Grand Cross). This reminds me of the old adage of when we make plans, God laughs. Make your plans, focus your sites on where you want to be in the cycles to come, and then remember that the how is not up to you. Nor is the form of what comes; we must grab hold of our vision with gusto, but also with open palms.

Virgo rules physical health as well, and so this is a great time for intentions that connect directly to things about your body that need attention. This is also the chop wood/carry water mansion, where when you desire to have a greater spiritual connection, you may bump into a moment of wax on, wax off, when you would prefer greater energetic phenomena. Virgo is all about the mundane, through which we can experience the sublime, if we don’t judge the need to attend to practical matters. If you are feeling overwhelmed in this moment of deconstruction, and can’t imagine that you know how to put everything back together again, this is a perfect New Moon to remember this: There is a part of you that does know where every single piece in your life fits. Ask that part of you to guide your way through this intention setting New Moon. And then, we can all just surrender to the ride.